I’m going to travel…no I will hike…but oh the art to see..

This phrase literally is on a loop in my head every day. I love to travel, and I have been fortunate to see so many places (but not enough). Hiking is my Zen, my happy place. Even the shortest, flattest hike is a good one just for the mental clarity. Then I hear of this great art exhibit outside of Austin, or a new Art in Public Places piece that just got set. I absolutely have to write down things that I see, or hear about because I like having options. I don’t have the money or time to travel endlessly; and the members really like having an owner that is local. So when I cant travel, I go for a hike and thankfully we are so fortunate to have lots of options here in the hill country. But then there is the weather, its not always hiker friendly so then I go check out the art exhibits.

When I say I cant find something to do, it means I cant make it through my list fast enough. I want to do it all, and every day I think of some place new. I started a list of events that I wanted to lead when I became a leader in 2012. That list is like a scroll, it never ends and instead has multiplied to several notebooks and scratch pads. My office is like a post-it treasure hunt of activities. I want to take members everywhere. I want every member to be able to travel with me; and experience hiking through villages in Italy, or eating fresh snow in Switzerland. Its logistically not possible, so I prioritize and downsize to make things manageable. I take each day at a time, each week I try to tap into one of my other adventure personas. This is not just my struggle as the owner of this fabulous friend circle called HCO, its the same struggle many of the leaders have. If you have ever wondered what leaders are thinking about, its probably something close to this. When you tell us about a great adventure and end with “that would be a good event.” Its unconsciously going on our list of things we could do..if we had enough time…after we do three other things from our list this month…and if the weather cooperates. In the end; we leaders are just like you except we put our lists out there for all of you to join us on. And we thank you for that! So what will we cross off of our list this month?!