See what our members are saying about us!

“I’ve been a member since 2010.  I enjoy the wide variety of events–hikes, camping, dinners, happy hours, water events, tours of interesting places, music events and more–something for everyone. When I joined I was recently single and just wanted to meet folks and do fun things.  Now I can say I met my closest friends in HCO.  If you just want to have fun, HCO is the place!”  – Sharon

“I have been a member of HCO for several years now and love it!  I have done things in and around Austin I was not even aware existed and have made some great friends.  Just this weekend I went on a party barge on Lake Travis and then tubed down the San Marcos river.  All I had to do was sign up and show up.

The HCO calendar is always filled with a great variety of events to choose from including hiking, camping and water events to music, happy hour and dinner events. They even offer big trips to all kinds of places like National Parks, China and Switzerland to name a few. There is something for everyone! So come on and join us for some fun in the sun!”  – Els

“Give it a chance.  As with anything else, you get back what you put into it.  Actually, probably more.

I’m a relative newbie to the club, but I’ve already been to quite a few events because they’ve been a blast every time.  The people that I’ve met have been warm and welcoming, and I’m still meeting new fun folks every time I go to an event.

As for the “outdoors” part of the deal, there’s a wide range.  They do everything from little jaunts around the greenbelt to canoeing the Rio Grande to 12-day trips to China.  Seriously.  So far, I’ve done a camping trip and a few hikes, but there’s plenty more that I haven’t tried yet.  The hikes are probably the most popular events, and they’re pretty much always followed by food and drink and good company afterward.

I’ve done things I probably wouldn’t try on my own, met some great people, and discovered places I had no idea existed in my own city (and I call myself a native.)  I highly recommend Hill Country Outdoors.”  – Dawn 

“I’ve been a member of Hill Country Outdoors for many years now.  I have met so many wonderful people who are now my good friends.  We are always out doing something fun!  If you like the outdoors and like people then this club is for you!

“I made some great friends and had some great times with Hill Country Outdoors. I love outdoor activities but trying to get people together to do them is like herding cats. With Hill Country Outdoors, all i have to do is find an activity on the calendar and sign up. The Club does the rest. I’ve discovered activities in Austin that I didn’t even know existed and I’ve been in Austin many years. People are very friendly and I did not find it cliquish at all.”  – Ted

“Hill Country Outdoors has been a very positive experience for me. I’ve been a member for about 2 and a half years and in that time a have discovered more new places, not only in our city but in the Hill Country in general, then in the 10 years or so that I’ve been an Austin resident. I joined the club looking for fun things to do but I quickly discovered that the people that you meet are the real treasure. I’ve been fortunate enough to have made a number of lifelong friendships. If making friends is what you want, then you must open yourself up and make an effort, nothing is free. Having said that, if you are not sure about it I suggest you come over to one of the public events or sign up of a short time to see how you like it.”  – Manny

“I’ve lived in Austin for over 10 years and didn’t know about so many hiking trails and other interesting places until I joined this club a few years ago. I’ve met lots of friendly people who are also outdoor lovers. I’ve had nothing but fun! ”  – Sherry