Become A Leader

Got an idea for a fun event? Interested in earning a complimentary membership and HCO Dough? If your idea is selected for the calendar and you lead your event, you will qualify for a credit toward your next month’s membership payment. “Credit per event” is available to members who have been in the club for 3 consecutive months.

Event Leader Rewards:
• Earn a credit toward your next month’s membership for each event that you lead, up to 2 events each month
• Earn HCO dough when you lead an extra event during the month
• Receive invitations to Leader exclusive parties
• You have the opportunity to travel at a discount when you lead a club trip

• You have been a regular member for at least 3 consecutive months
• You are a “people person” and can stay calm while managing the details of an event
• You can plan ahead and promise to post your events by the 15th of the month prior
• You have time in your schedule to lead 1 or 2 events per month
• You are comfortable using a computer to post and manage your own events

Volunteers can earn a complimentary membership!