Frequently Asked Questions

Check the list below for an answer to your question.

  • Can I automatically add an event to my personal Google calendar?

    Sure! After you register for the event, you will receive an email confirmation. Use the link in the email that says "Add to calendar" for gmail users or click the attachment for iCal users.

  • I'm signed up for a hike today but it looks like rain. Should I show up?

    If you are attending an upcoming outdoor event on a day that it is predicted to storm/rain please use caution to keep you and others safe. A hiking trail is one of the worst places you can be during a storm. The general rule should be, if you hear thunder or see lightning within 2 hours of your event's start time, consider the event canceled. Stay put where it's safe. Look at the lightning radar below: See lightning strikes in the last hour:;r=0;t=3;s=0;o=0;b=;n=0;y=31.7815;x=-98.6919;z=6;d=2;dl=2;dc=0; The red and yellow dots on the map are lightning strikes. Lightning Safety Being outdoors is the most dangerous place to be during a lightning storm. The National Weather Service advises that when you hear thunder or see lightning to quickly move indoors or into a hard topped vehicle and remain there until well after the storm has passed. Any location is dangerous durning a lightning storm, however, some areas are more dangerous than others. Some of the riskiest locations include: Anywhere near the water Boating Fishing Swimming Activities on the beach Areas near tall trees (especially isolated trees) Golf course Picnic areas Hiking trails High terrains such as hill tops and ridges High places such as house roofs during construction Open areas like fields Outdoor Safety Rules Knowing outdoor safety rules can help save your life or that of loved ones. When lightning approaches, get inside a completely enclosed building. Car-ports, open garages, storage sheds, metal sheds, and covered patios are not safe shelters. If no enclosed building is available, get inside a hard-topped, all metal vehicle. Get out of the water! Get off the beach and out of small boats and canoes. If caught in a boat, crouch down in the center of the boat away from metal hardware. Avoid standing in puddles of water, even if wearing rubber boots. If you cannot reach shelter, avoid being the tallest object in the area. Do not take shelter under a tree. If you are in the woods, find shelter under the shortest trees. If only isolated trees are nearby, crouch on the balls of your feet. A rule of thumb to follow is to stay twice as far away from a tree as it is tall. Don't lie on the ground. Avoid leaning against vehicles and get off bicycles and motorcycles.

  • Can I see a list of events that I am registered for?

    Yes! Go to My Events under Club Calendar. You can see a list of your RSVPs under the Events tab.

  • There is a hiking event later this month that I'd like to attend. Why can't I RSVP?

    Only club members have access to RSVP for events and receive important event details like meeting time and location. If you are a current member, simply log in to the website to be able to RSVP for unlimited events each month. If you aren't a member yet, it's worth it! Just click the Become A Member tab at the top of the website to start your club membership today.

  • I suddenly can't attend an event I am registered for. What should I do?

    Contact the administrator at with the event and date details. We'll take care of the rest.

  • How can I change my password?

    Go to your My Account page under Member Log In. You can change your password under the About tab.

  • How can I pause my membership?

    Contact the administrator at within 5 days of your renewal date.

  • I moved! How can I update my address?

    Go to your My Account page under Member Log In. You can change your address under the About tab. When finished, click Save & Continue.

  • I want to keep my street address private. How can I do this?

    No worries. We don't reveal any member's private information like their street address, email or phone number on our website.

  • I want to upload a profile photo. How can I do this?

    Go to your My Account page under Member Log In. Under the Profile tab, add your photo to the Profile Gallery box. When finished, click Save & Continue.

  • Is it OK if I bring my friend to an event with me?

    Yes! Club members are always allowed one guest to join them at an event for no extra cost.

  • Can I try it before I buy it?

    Of course! Sign up for our First Event Free program under Become A Member at the top of the website.

  • I registered for my First Event Free, but I don't see my name on the RSVP list. What should I do?

    No worries. Only club member names will show up in the RSVP list. If you receive your RSVP confirmation email, then you are on the list! Additionally, the My Events feature under the Club Calendar menu is only available to club members.

  • How do I find the event leader when I show up to an event?

    When you arrive at an event, your event leader can be easily identified. They will have a Hill Country Outdoors name tag or welcome sign. Always keep the leader contact info. handy before an event in case you need help finding the group.