Nature ~ Doing a Body Good

written by Barbara Martinez, HCO event leader ~

Nourishing the Body and Mind

There is nothing better for our mind and body than spending time with Nature. Taking a break from our everyday hustle and bustle and getting out in nature, increases our creativity and our mental well being. When we go outside and take a hike, work in the garden, do some yard work or just sit in the backyard and soak in the sights and smells of the good ‘ole outdoors, it takes us out of our busy lives and out of our head. It puts us more in touch with how we feel and allows for creativity and new ideas and thoughts to flow.

Most of us spend far too much time at our desks, on the couch, in front of a computer, the T.V. or a screen of some sort, and way less time playing in the dirt and in natural settings. There have been studies that show there are physical effects on the brain when spending time in nature. People that live in the city that make time to be outside, show lower levels of stress hormones immediately after a walk in the outdoors. Even just a few minutes walking around outside, has shown benefits.

Reducing Stress

Our environment can either increase or decrease our stress levels. What you are experiencing at any given moment is affecting your body and how it is functioning. An unpleasant environment can cause anxiety, sadness, frustration and anger. This, then elevates your blood pressure and heart rate, which affects your immune system. On the other hand, a pleasant environment does just the opposite. Being in nature has been known to reduce blood pressure, lower your heart rate, relieve muscle tension and even eliminate headaches. This, in turn, reduces stress and anxiety, and reduces the levels of stress hormones coursing through our body.

Connecting to the Earth

Nature heals, soothes and restores and can make you feel more calm and balanced. If you don’t want to go it alone, find a buddy and ‘get lost in the woods’. Take a walk around the lake or around the block. It doesn’t have to be long or at race-pace, you’re still getting the blood flowing and connecting to the earth, just by being outside.

As we connect to the earth, we reconnect with ourselves and to each other. This brings us to a larger sense of community and to our environment. If we lose touch with the rhythms of nature, we lose touch with who we are at the deepest level.

So don’t deprive yourself, get outside, breathe in some nature and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Barbara Martinez is the owner of LocaLiciousLiving. Visit to see more.

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