I’m going to travel…no I will hike…but oh the art to see..

This phrase literally is on a loop in my head every day. I love to travel, and I have been fortunate to see so many places (but not enough). Hiking is my Zen, my happy place. Even the shortest, flattest hike is a good one just for the mental clarity. Then I hear of this great art exhibit outside of Austin, or a new Art in ... More

Stay active in 2018!

The New Year is a perfect time to count our blessings and resolve to make changes that will improve our quality of life. Getting outdoors and meeting new people is a great way to kick off your New Year! Being a member of an outdoor and social club like Hill Country Outdoors is exactly what the doctor ordered. Check ... More

Summer Fun!

Looking for things to do in Austin? Join us for these fun summer events! May Meet N Greet at Austin Bouldering Project + drinks at Friends & Allies Brewing Co. 979 Springdale Rd May 21 from 4 to 6 pm RSVP June Hill Country Outdoors Annual Picnic Walnut Creek Metro Park June 25 from 10 am to 2 pm RS... More

The Five “R”s to Maximize Fitness

written by Elizabete Gomes, HCO member and Clinical Nutritionist ~ If you are too tired to engage in physical activities or exhausted by easy exercise, your body might not be getting the support it needs.  Exercise should enhance your sense of wellness, not deplete you. The tips below are are intended to increase your ... More

Nature ~ Doing a Body Good

written by Barbara Martinez, HCO event leader ~ Nourishing the Body and Mind There is nothing better for our mind and body than spending time with Nature. Taking a break from our everyday hustle and bustle and getting out in nature, increases our creativity and our mental well being. When we go outside and take a hike, ... More

Discover Pace Bend Park

Adventure and explore to your heart’s content at this natural gem in Spicewood—about one hour northwest of Austin. At Pace Bend Park, a four-mile-long peninsula surrounded by the recently restored waters of Lake Travis, the terrain alternates between packed dirt and plenty of rocky ledges. Take a hike on the North ... More

Discover Blue Hole Regional Park

Encircled by ancient cypress trees, this spring-fed swimming area is a true Central Texas treasure. Blue Hole Regional Park is a natural oasis nestled on 126 acres of protected land in Wimberley. Access the swimming area via the Cypress Creek Nature Trail just off of Wimberley Square, about 45 minutes southwest of ... More

Discover River Place Nature Trail

Springtime brings new life to the River Place Nature Trail, tucked away in the hills of the River Place neighborhood west of Austin. In 2009, the middle section of the trail—also known as Panther Hollow—was closed for a rerouting project, but today the trail’s entire length is open and ready to greet you and your ... More